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Free Online Internet Education
Free Online Internet Education

We teach you and work with you to getting a website online. We teach all the steps needed for you to be successful online.

Non-Profit Corporations
Non-Profit Corporations

We can also teach you about the advantages of having a non-profit organization or a partner of your corporation.

Digital Cooperative Associations
Digital Cooperative Associations

Start a digital cooperative! We help teach you how to start a digital cooperative and organize online townhalls.

Free Online Internet Education

We are a completely free technology school. We have a wide range of classes. We strive to work with our students at their level and guide them to learn what they need to in order to accomplish their goals. From just getting a website online to administrating your own server we got the class for you.

We Help Non-profits Succeed!

We help non-profits get off the ground. We work with you through the whole process of registering, planning, starting, and running your non-profit. We also help your non-profit get a website online.

What is important to you?

What is important to you? ™

Have a local cause you want to spread online?

We help many non-profits and their missions by guiding them through the process of getting a website online. Many non-profits may have online disadvantages due to financial reasons. We have come to resolve that problem. We can teach your non-profit how to start, manage, and run an online website and or shopping cart for free.

Start a Digital Cooperative Association Today!

Be apart of the digital evolution of business! Create your own social business with our help. Let us show you how to evolve your coop to receieve new members, operate, and function completly online.

Democracy has evolved. Get involved!

We can help you with all the stages of running a cooperative or an online cooperative. We aim to guide the cooperative movement into the digital age. Whether you want to start a coop or have an established coop and looking to get website online, we help you grow.

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